Bathroom Basins

What is one of the best ways to increase the functionality of your bathroom space? The answer is installing bathroom basins. You have bathroom showers, taps and everything at place. But if you don’t have a basin, you are going to face a tough time managing the daily bathroom tasks of your life. Wondering what are we talking about? Here, we have come up with the reasons for having bathroom basins and cabinets in your home. We will also look at why ceramic basins make the best choice for your bathroom.

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Why should you have basins in your bathroom?

Here are some reasons depicting the need to install basins in your bathroom -

Improves the aesthetic appeal

Bathroom basins or you can say bathroom sinks add aesthetic appeal to your space. You can choose from multiple styles and designs like bathroom glass basins, semi-recessed vanity basins, ceramic basins, small basin for bathrooms, and many more. Choose the one that aligns with the decor of your bathroom and create a stylish look.

Increased hygiene

Bathroom basins and cabinets play a significant role in maintaining hygiene. The spread of germs and bacteria can be reduced to a great extent when you wash your hands regularly in the basin. Moreover, basins help keep the spread of contaminants from other areas of your home at bay.


Who can deny the convenience that comes with having the bathroom basins at your home? Daily tasks like washing your face and hands and brushing your teeth become easier by having a bathroom basin, thereby adding efficiency to your morning routine. Now that you know the reasons for adding bathroom basins, let’s talk about ceramic basins specifically.

What makes ceramic basins good for your bathroom?

Let’s first understand the term ceramic. It is a material derived from clay and is hardened by heat. It is known for its resistant nature, durability, and smooth surface. Here are the qualities that make ceramic basins good for your bathroom -


Ceramic sinks are made of a hard outer layer, which makes them extremely durable. These are also stain-resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures. Besides, they make a beautiful addition to your home space.

Easy to clean and maintain

Ceramic basins are easy to clean. You only need standard cleaning agents like dishwashing liquid and baking soda, and you are good to go. Mixing one part vinegar and one part water is yet another choice. All these solutions have antibacterial properties that make your basins look shiny. Due to their glossy surface, they become more easy to clean. You can also use a microfibre cloth or steam cleaner to clean ceramic sinks. As long as you keep cleaning the sinks regularly, the sinks aren’t going to be damaged.

Choosing the right bathroom sink

Having the right bathroom accessories is not the luxury but the need of the hour if you want to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in your home. It is an excellent way to increase the convenience and aesthetic appeal of your grooming space. That being said if you are thinking of buying bathroom basins and taps, look no further than The Homeware Hub. We have a wide variety of basins for bathrooms catering to your needs. Whether you need semi-recessed vanity basins, glass basins for the bathroom, or ceramic basins, we have it all. Our professionals will help you make the right decision to choose the sink that best aligns with your place and install it for your utmost convenience.