Kitchen Mixer Taps

Upgrading your kitchen accessories might have been on your home renovation list for some time now. You must have come across the term "mixer taps" while reading articles related to kitchen fixtures. Kitchen mixer taps are gaining popularity in the modern home industry due to their convenience and space-saving qualities. What are mixer taps for kitchens, and why should you install them? Let's find out.


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Defining Mixer Taps

Mixer taps for the kitchen are the devices used for the convenient mixing of water through the same spout. Their design is similar to traditional faucets, except they come featuring two handles. So you don't need to install two separate kitchen taps.

How does it work?

A kitchen mixer tap is a small faucet that directs water from a hose to the sink or a specific location where you have the mixer tap installed. The inside of this kitchen tap has tiny holes called valves. The valves adjust their opening depending on the water temperature and flow rate you want to use. These are considered ideal for any household as you don't have to install separate taps for hot and cold water in your kitchen sink. When you run hot water, it doesn't affect the cold water openings as they remain completely closed, and vice versa.

Benefits of using mixer taps

There are several advantages of using mixer taps. Some of them are -

Energy efficient

A kitchen tap mixer is a convenient, energy-efficient device as it gives you the chance to maintain the water temperature as you like. Separate taps often amount to more water wastage. While mixer taps rightly streamline this process.


Installing separate taps increases the odds of accidental injuries if you turn on the hot water too high. Thankfully, mixer taps for the kitchen steer clear of such incidents, and you have the power to control temperature more precisely. Hence, it ensures a safe experience.


Kitchen mixer taps are durable and don't require you to make much effort when it comes to maintenance. They have a sturdy structure and are less likely to develop leaks anytime in the future. Thus, you can invest your money in high-quality kitchen mixer taps without thinking much about them.

Water conservation

As you don't have to install separate taps and run them for an extended period, thus giving rise to water conservation. Ultimately, you are contributing to preserving this valuable resource.

A Wise Addition - Pull-Out Spray

Pull-Out Sink Mixers can enhance your mixer taps and that too at an affordable rate. The pull-out kitchen mixer tap helps you with the flexibility to move the spout around to get into the corners of the sink and wash large utensils. So, if you are getting an affordable choice of kitchen pull-out mixer better than a standard tap, it's better not to miss out on that.

Choosing the right mixer tap

There is no denying the fact that kitchen mixer taps are a significant addition to your kitchen space, catering to the energy-efficient and space-saving design. Their versatile quality makes them a popular option among homeowners. Having said that, find the best kitchen taps in Australia from The Homeware Hub. Whether you are looking for black kitchen mixer taps or kitchen pull-out mixers, The Homeware Hub is the perfect place to put an end to your search. Our kitchen taps are not only of supreme quality but will be installed by experts who will also assist you in finding the right mixer tap for your kitchen that matches the aesthetics of your home. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us to make the right choice for your kitchen.