Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen fixtures like kitchen sinks or kitchen mixer tap play a prominent role in your cooking space. One such fixture is the sink, which you use multiple times daily. So, if you are renovating your kitchen, this is the thing you can’t miss out on. Whether you are considering buying a single bowl sink or a double sink, it is advisable to look at their features to make informed decisions. After all, it is going to enhance your kitchen’s appeal. And if you have made up your mind, The Homeware Hub - Providing kitchen sinks in Australia, is there to help you. Confused, what are we talking about? Let’s understand everything in more detail.

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Decoding the decision of buying double or single kitchen sink?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Like all home renovation decisions, buying a sink for the kitchen should be solely based on your needs and what your family prefers. Buying it is not as challenging as it was before, as now you can purchase a kitchen sink online by going through several options. Recently, the trend has been to use more double-bowl kitchen sinks. You can even enhance your sink's functionality and style with our sleek and practical tapwares. However, you should take various other factors like space, budget, and dishwashing habits into account before arriving at any decision. Let’s find the features of both of them.

Features of single kitchen sinks

Takes less space

Being smaller in size, even the smallest of kitchens can accommodate single kitchen sinks. It leads to having more space for your countertop areas where you can store and prepare food. Moreover, they are comparatively cheaper kitchen sinks than double-bowl ones. They allow you more space underneath the sink due to less piping needs.

Easier to clean the sink

Cleaning single-bowl kitchen sinks is easier as you have fewer surfaces. It becomes all the more important if you have a small kitchen without enough maneuvering area.

Large Basin

Single-bowl kitchen sinks are large enough to wash any pan or pot. So, you need not worry if you are having guests coming to your place and you have to cook for many people.

Features of double kitchen sink


Want to wash vegetables? Go ahead. On one side, you can keep the dirty dishes, and on the other, you can keep the clean ones. Another option is to use the other side to access the garbage disposal.

Dish separation

Who wants to put together the delicate glassware with the heavy, greasy pans in the same sink? Nobody. Buying a double-bowl kitchen sink allows you to separate dishes.

Saves time

These kitchen sinks save much of your time and energy. Wash dishes on one side, fill a pot on the other, or wash vegetables while cooking something on the stove. You don’t have to just focus on one task and let it finish before starting the next one.

Making a buying decision

Before buying sink appliances online, it is wise to keep several factors in mind, as mentioned above. You can even check for kitchen sink sales near your area to make the best decision. That being said, we provide both single and double-bowl kitchen sinks in Australia to fit your needs. Struggling to find the right choice for your cooking space? We are all that you are looking for - The Homeware Hub. Contact us for more details, and we will be more than happy to assist you.