Imagine your bathroom having a toilet seat that gives a floating look to it and seems a wonderful aesthetic option to enhance its decor. We have variety of bathroom products, like wall-hung toilets, bathroom & kithcen tapware and more!. These are installed with flush plates, which you can easily lift off. The option of installing wall hung toilets and buying a toilet seat is increasingly becoming popular across the globe. Due to the umpteen benefits that come with such types of toilet seats, people are considering them over conventional toilets. Let’s find out more about it.

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Defining Wall hung seat.

Buying a toilet seat for your bathroom demands consideration of various available options. One of them is a wall hung toilet. It is mounted to the framing in the wall with the waste pipe located at its back. Buying a new toilet in the form of wall hung seat gives a modern and minimalistic appearance to your home.

How it works?

The contractor builds the frame of timber studs. The toilet seat is attached to the frame using long bolts. The cistern is fitted between the studs and connected to the toilet. If you have bought a new home, you can purchase a toilet seat mounted into the original studs. Moreover, when considering a wall hung toilet, measure the height of the waste pipes in the wall before installing it. The wrong height of the waste pipes may lead to very short or tall toilet seats.

Benefits of wall hung toilets

A wall mounted toilet is considered the best toilet to purchase. Here are the benefits of installing one instead of the standard toilet -

Easy to clean

The toilet is elevated from the floor. This makes it easy to clean underneath the toilet. You have to just deal with the bowl and seat, and you are good to go. What’s more? The bathroom floor becomes much easier to clean as you don’t have to entangle yourself in the hassle of cleaning around the base of a standard toilet that meets the floor.

Saves space

Buy a toilet seat that saves space, and this aim is fulfilled by the wall-mounted toilets. The tank of this toilet seat is moved into the wall, which saves as much as 10 inches. This becomes all the more important when you have a small bathroom. Saving space gives your bathroom a more open and tidy look. Thus, buy a new toilet right away.

Shop wall hung toilets

Voila! Now you have got the nitty-gritty of buying a toilet, or I would say wall-hung toilets. Well, basins and showers are a vital part of any bathroom, but you can’t deny that buying a toilet also tops the list. If you have made up your mind to purchase a toilet seat, you are close to giving your bathroom a fantastic, sleek, and contemporary look. But from where do you get toilets for sale and fulfill your buying needs for modern bathroom accessories? The Homeware Hub is your one-stop solution. We deal in the best modern bath options along with stunning toilet seats that can prove to be a worthy upgrade to your bathroom. Don’t wait to raise the bar of your bathroom aesthetics. Call right now at 0420474754 and get the best toilet to purchase from The Homeware Hub.