Symbolising self-care nights and adding a peak of relaxation - That’s what bathtubs are meant for. We have a variety of premium bathtubs in our bathroom products collection. They come in various types and sizes and serve different purposes. Here, we have put down a list telling you about its types and many more. Let’s get started.

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Types of bathtubs

Corner bathtubs

Corner bathtubs are typically triangular bathtubs that fit the corner of the bathroom. Having a window with a stunning view? Installing a corner bathtub would be a great idea. If you have a crowded bathroom or want to utilise dead space, a corner bathtub will fill it with its allure.

Soaking bathtubs

Soaking bathtub let bathers fully submerge their body in it. This is the reason the term “soaking” is given. They are often used interchangeably with freestanding bathtubs. No wonder they are closely similar, but soaking bathtubs are generally a little bigger.

Freestanding bathtubs

Who doesn’t want to cast a bold statement with their bathroom? Freestanding bathtubs allow you to do that. They hold the power to easily become the focal point of your bathroom and depict elegance. Coming in a variety of bathtub designs and details, they are often larger and more luxurious as compared to any other type of bathtub. Having said that, choosing to install a freestanding bathtub is a way to have a more pleasing and modern bathroom.

But why should you pay attention to it?

Unbeatable aesthetics

If you want to reach the zenith of luxury in the modern baths, you can’t miss out on installing a freestanding bathtub. They come with such visual effects that can turn even a dull room into a stylish one within an instant.

Complements any bathroom decor

You will be amazed by the diversity of the freestanding bathtubs. Whether you are looking for back to wall freestanding bathtub, classic clawfoot or a small freestanding bath, we have it all. You don’t need to worry if you dream of matching your wall tiles and floor with an elegant backdrop in the form of bathtubs. A freestanding bath will make it all possible.

Easy installation

Freestanding bathtubs are easier to install as they don’t require any additional structure or support. You just need a plumber, and you will be good to go.

Easy maintenance

Are you wondering, “How am I supposed to clean these modern baths”? We have a simple answer for you. They don’t require much cleaning as you have to do in cases of regular bathtubs bordered and tiled into a wall. Thus, its cleaning and maintenance is a breeze.

Comfy and relaxing

These high-end bathtubs top the chart in terms of relaxation and comfort. Add in some candles to your bathroom, soak in the freestanding bathtub and have the ultimate experience.

What size of a freestanding bathtub should I buy?

The size of the bathtub is an important consideration when making a purchase. Choose the dimensions of freestanding bathtubs as per your preference and the size of the bathroom. The dimensions of a standard bathtub are 170 cm in length and 70 cm in width. You might want a small bathtub or models with different dimensions. So it can be adjusted accordingly.

Choosing The Right Bathtub

The process of choosing a bathtub starts with individual preferences and the accommodating capacity of your bathroom. Measure your space to know it better. Still find it challenging? Let The Homeware Hub make the process of buying a bath a piece of cake for you. Our team of experts will help you narrow down the best modern bath options and tick-mark all the boxes you have made for adding style and functionality to your abode. What’s more? The versatile bathtub options we provide to our customers are enough to take your home decor quotient high. Contact us for more information.