Tapwares form an integral part of the bathroom. And modern interior design can’t overlook these bathroom supplies, as everything matters in the realm of design. Everything plays its part in contributing to the overall charm and functionality of the space. Choosing quality tapware is the welcoming step in avoiding unnecessary plumbing expenses. Wall tapware and taps for baths have started coming up in plenty of options that can really transform your bathroom space into something extraordinary. That being said, installing mixer taps is the current trend. Why should you have quality mixer bathroom taps in your bathing and grooming space? Let’s find out.

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Style and function

When shopping for mixer bathroom taps, you can choose from several designs and finishes. They vary in style and colour. For instance - a 3-piece set of taps in a bathroom suits traditional space while mixer taps are more aligned with a modern bathroom, the same goes true for the shape. Rounded shapes are wall-mounted taps suggested for traditional bathrooms, while rectangular bathroom wall tapware is more modern. There is no dearth of options out there when it comes to choosing tapware, but don’t get easily lost among the options and forget about the function of the taps. Consider what you will use the taps for. Are they well aligned with your fixtures? And many such questions to create a perfectly functional bathroom.

Installation and maintenance

Installing basin mixer taps is easy. That is why it is a popular choice among homeowners. You can rely on a professional individual of plumbing tapware, and he can do the needful. Maintaining mixer bathroom taps is as easy as cleaning the filters and handles with a soft cloth to ensure their longevity and proper functioning.


Mixer taps and wall-mounted basin taps work efficiently on a bathroom sink or basin. Adding a shower mixer can make the mixer taps more versatile, thereby allowing you to switch between the tap flow and a shower attachment.

Water savings

If you are concerned about the environment, mixer bathroom taps are the right choice as they are fitted with flow-limiters to improve the accuracy of hot and cold water. These flow-limiters are responsible for obstructing the flow of water completely when you turn off the tap. Thus, you don’t have to bear a hefty utility bill. For this reason, they are called the perfect water savers.


You don’t have to install separate taps if you have mixer taps in your bathroom. Having separate taps means you need to run both taps (Hot and cold) simultaneously or first run a hot tap and then add cold water. But mixer taps allow you to find the optimum temperature, and you can leave the bath to run itself without any worry. Just make sure to turn off the tap when you are done, or you could end up flooding your hands.

Mixer Taps: Ideas and Advice.

Now, if you are convinced of the reasons to have mixer bathroom taps, why not look for them and make the right choice for your bathroom? Discover stylish wall tapware, bathroom accessories, kitchen sinks, and kitchen mixer taps from Homeware Hub. If you need further ideas and advice, we are here to help you. Starting from choosing the right tapware and fixing it for your home, we can do it all. Let’s build a home that is beautiful and functional and depicts stylistic elegance. Want to know more? Contact us for more information.